Resource Centre


The Cole Harbour Woodside Resource Centre was started in 2006 by Bev and Maurice Nightingale. During the past thirteen years, the Resource Centre has served churches of different denominations in three Maritime Provinces. We have had several volunteers and interacted with countless people both at the church and in various parts of the community.

We have weathered the downsizing and dysfunctional changes in UCRD, our major resource for books and church supplies. A further complete decline happened in our sales due to the chaos of the inane new structure for the United Church of Canada. Throughout this period, we strived to make a profit and to make a yearly donation to Cole Harbour Woodside. We had a good reputation in the Maritimes as a reliable, friendly and innovative business.

Unfortunately, we can no longer continue to operate the business. The Resource Centre Board reached the decision to unfortunately close the business on February 1 2021.

The congregation and our customers were notified of this decision and many people have taken advantage of reduced prices. We will continue to sell the remaining assets. The telephone number will be terminated on February 1, 2021 but the email address ( will still be in operation. Individuals can leave a message for us with the church office. It has been a wonderful run and we thank everyone for their support over the years.

Bill Middleton