We don’t walk this faith journey alone.  Our church community works with all sorts of other communities working in all sorts of different fields as we try to live out love and justice in the world.  Here are some of our partners and affiliates and why you might be interested in them:

United Church of Canada – Born out of the union of the Presbyterian Church of Canada, the Methodist Church of Canada and the Congregationalist Church of Canada in 1925 and later joined by the Evangelical Brethren Church of Canada, we are a uniquely Canadian Denomination.

Maritime Conference – Maritime conference is the body that oversees all the churches in the Maritime conference.  They offer guidance, support, training and assistance.  Their staff are incredible and make sure that the vision of the wider church is carried out.

Halifax Presbytery – Locally, our church is part of Halifax Presbytery.  This small group of churches within Maritime Conference supports one another and collectively shares responsibility for United Church ministry within the greater Halifax area.

Camp Kidston – Camp Kidston is one of our amazing United Church camps.  Kids who go to these camps have a great week of fun, learning and craziness.