Rev. Michael Mugford – Lead Minister

Michael grew up in Dartmouth and graduated with his MDiv from the Atlantic School of the Theology in 1999. He was appointed to Cole Harbour in July 2016 and became one of the called ministers in 2017.  He has served churches on the Eastern Shore and in the Annapolis Valley.  He is married to Tamara and they have 3 teenage children.






Rev. Krista Elizabeth Winn – Associate Minister

Rev. Krista Elizabeth Winn is our newly appointed part-time Associate Minister. She provides support in the areas of worship and Christian education, as well as leads special interest and outreach groups. She will also work with all-age groups and will be particularly responsive to younger generations and work towards attracting new families to the congregation. Rev. Krista Elizabeth arrived in the area from Stratford, Ontario a week before she started with us. She is married to Dale and has three sons aged 13 to 20 years old.





Penny MacDonald – Office administrator

Joining our staff in November 2019, Penny MacDonald hails from Dartmouth and she’s our office administrator. She is usually the first voice you hear when you call.  Penny looks after church bookings, pastoral concerns, bulletin information and just about anything else you can imagine.






Parish Nurse – Vacant



Charles Myra – Accompanist / Choir Director

Charles is a very talented musician who enjoys working with our choir to challenge them and bring out the best from them. Our choir offers leadership at worship every Sunday and twice a year, they do an evening presentation.  Charles is a graduate of Dalhousie University.








Paul Gillis – Caretaker

Paul has been the caretaker at the church for many years.  He works on average 14 hours per week and can often be found cleaning the sanctuary, tidying up after food bank and making sure that everything in the building is as clean as possible. In a church as busy as CHWUC, that is not always an easy task.