The Kilani Family are here!

After many months of preparation and with the generosity of the congregations at Cole Harbour Woodside United and the Anglican Church of St. Andrew in Cole Harbour, Cole Harbour Cares welcomed the Kilani family to Nova Scotia on July 21, 2016. Mohamad, Taghreed and their three children, Fares, 14, Tala,10 and Taim, 5, are now settled in a three bedroom apartment near Southdale North Woodside School in central Dartmouth.

Our volunteers have helped with lease-signing, apartment set-up, translating, utility hook-ups, new winter clothing, school supplies and much more. We’ve assisted with school registration, transportation, appointments for vision, dental and medical care and visits to the Mosque.

The Kilanis have busy lives. As well as attending school, the children are involved in soccer, violin and swim programs. Taim is enrolled in the daycare program at the language training school where Mohomad and Taghreed are taking English lessons. Mohamad is eager to find employment in the field of electronics and small appliance repair.

Through the continuing generosity of members of Cole Harbour Woodside United Church, we’ve also been able to pay off the travel loan the Government of Canada requires refugees to pay: the cost of their airline tickets to Canada and medical examinations before they were clear to come to Canada – almost $6700.

Sponsoring the Kilanis has been a huge gift for us all as our volunteers have forged deep friendships with this wonderful family that will last long after our official sponsorship ends in July 2017.