Working hard to welcome our next refugee family

Cole Harbour Cares is preparing to sponsor a second Syrian family. The Alasadi family is made up of Father, Ziad Alasadi (38), Mother, Israa (28), daughters Jana (9), Mona (5), and a seven month old baby boy. The Alasadi family is currently living illegally in Lebanon, sharing a three bedroom house with three other families. Since they are illegally living in Lebanon, Ziad is not allowed to work and the children are not allowed to attend school.
The Canadian Government has approved their application and the family is waiting to be called to Beirut for medical and security interviews. Once they pass the interviews they will be given plane tickets to come to Canada. If everything goes as planned and based on our previous experience we expect the Alasadi family to arrive in Halifax around February or March 2018.

To help get us started with preparations we are putting the call out for gently used household items. To avoid paying for storage we request you to hold onto the items until we finalize an apartment for the family. A list of the required items is posted online and can be viewed using this spreadsheet.

The call to donate is going out to members of the four churches that are participating in this sponsorship and as people commit to donating an item, the online list will be updated. If you have any items that you can donate, please email Karen Watts or Jeanne Manning Stright.
Thank you for your support!

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