Calling ALL Theatre Enthusiasts!

This fall, with the support of an HRM Inclusion and Diversity Project Grant, CHWUC will stage an original production entitled, “Who-Buddy Are You?”.  This children’s play articulates the under lying value of all people within society.  The play, beautifully written in child like rhyme and dialogue is set in the Hamlet of Buddy-Bay, and begins with a clear differentiation between the “Some-Buddies” who are deemed to have much value and the ‘No-Buddies” who are seen as “less than”.  The arc of the story moves from exclusion to inclusion with all of the “Who-Buddies” working together to solve a problem.  Despite external differences, the characters of the play finally recognize that “Every-Buddy” really is the same.  The little village of “Who-Buddies” come to understand that they are equal, and should treat each other in the same, respectful way.

This project will be a volunteer led initiative intended to bring children, youth and adults together to create a wonderfully inclusive and diverse theatre production.  The goal is to bring children and youth who may not usually have a chance to shine on stage the opportunity to share their talents in an inclusive, diverse and safe environment.  This includes those who live with a variety of intellectual and/or physical disabilities, those who identify as part of the LGBTQ + community and all socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. “Every-Buddy” is welcome!

What does this mean?

We are looking for school aged children and youth of all abilities to act in this fun, uplifting show.  We are also looking for volunteers to help with other areas of the production including: set and costume design, back stage help, and coaching. 

If you or your children are interested in being a part of this exciting, inclusive, production please contact me by October 3rd and let me know in what area(s) you would like to participate. (A commitment to come to all rehearsals and performances is a must to participate)

Please e-mail me at:  jillbrogan(at) or call/ text me at (902)329-4953

Rehearsals will be held for 6 weeks on Saturdays from 3:00pm -4:30 pm starting October 16th.

A dress rehearsal will be held in the early afternoon of Friday November 26th with shows to be held during the afternoons of Saturday November 27th and Sunday November 28th 

I can’t wait to work with all of you to bring this production to life!! 

Yours truly,

Jill Brogan


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