Getting Back On Track with CHWUC

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Welcome Back Cole Harbour Woodside United Church!  Can you believe that for over two years, all in-person gatherings at CHWUC were suspended due to the global pandemic?  It seems unbelievable that such an event could happen, and yet it did, and it has taken a toll on all of us. After years of abundance in activities, mission and finances, we experienced a definite drought.  It is reminiscent of the story found in the book of Genesis about Joseph, sold into slavery by his brothers, who rises to power through interpreting Pharaoh’s dreams and tells Pharaoh to store away excess grain during the 7 years of abundance to make it though the 7 years of drought.  Egypt is spared devastation because they were prepared and so were we.

We were able to weather this storm as we had sufficient cash reserves on hand from our years of abundance to compensate for the sharp decrease in revenues that occurred over this two- year, -drought- period.  These reserves are now dry, with little left to help us weather another storm, nor meet our current operating expenses. The pandemic put a halt to almost all of the wonderful community engagement and outreach; congregational gatherings; and other in-person activities and fund raisers we rely upon to help offset our expenses and breathe life into the church. Thanks to the skill of the technical team and others, we were able to quickly pivot and provide our ministry and some fundraising in an on-line and virtual way, but these do not replace the sense of community and faith we share when we gather in person. 

Fortunately, the time has come that we can once again open our doors and gather in person as a faith community!   We are ready to “Get Back OnTrack!” – to bring CHWUC back to life “offering the care of comfort of Christ” within our congregation and broader community.  It’s time to engage and grow once more!

What is the “Getting Back OnTrack with CHWUC” Campaign?

  • Our goal is to raise an extra $15,000 by the end of May and a total of $50,000 by the end of the year to cover our operating expenses and to start building back our reserves. 

How will we do this?

  • In the coming weeks and months, we will be offering a number of fund raising and stewardship campaigns. 
  • You can help by volunteering your time, talent and tithes to the church.  We always need “Willing Workers” and “Lively Leaders” to bring ideas to life!

A few ideas include: a “Take Out Team” for take out meals and a plan for some interesting On-Line Auctions to supplement the annual auction.  Our dinner theatre production, “Who-Knew?” will be held in November this year and will require many kitchen and other helpers.

  • If you are able, please consider:
    • Making a onetime contribution to the church to help reach our goals.  
    • Increasing your monthly donation
    • Switching to PAR (pre-authorized payment) Forms can be found in the Narthex, the office and on our web site,
    • Funeral Ministry – Plan your service and choose an amount you would like to make as a donation to the ongoing ministry of Cole Harbour Woodside United Church. (All donations are tax deductable.)
  • Buy Superstore and Sobeys Gift Cards from the church (Marylou) – These can be used for more than just groceries, (everything else in the store) including other gift cards you could purchase for many other products you use.  This is an easy way for us to raise several thousand dollars a year, without it costing anyone any extra money.
  • Take your money back recyclables to Karen’s Recycling Ltd at 807 Main Street in Dartmouth.  Just ask them to credit our account! 
  • Support our fundraising and outreach activities by: spreading the word to your family, friends, co-workers, community – social media etc. CHWUC offers a vibrant, inclusive environment for all. 
  • If you have a fundraising idea, let us know. The possibilities are endless!

Thanks to all of you for keeping up the faith and helping out as best you could.  We know that together we will reach our goal while continuing to grow and offer the “care of comfort of Christ” to those among us.

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